Tilbake til artikler

Norway's best kid's menu


We have one of the best kid's menus in all of Norway. Bring your kids and stop at your nearest Frich's.

We have composed a menu with healthy and delicious choices for all hungry children.



Pasta with meat sauce, bread and butter.

Chicken drum stick

Succulent chicken leg with long grained rice and salad

Norwegian style meat balls in brown sauce

Mum's home cooked meat balls in brown sauce, vegetables and potatoes. Lingonberry jam if you fancy.

Pancakes with jam

Classic Norwegian pancakes. Choose between strawberry, raspberry and blueberry jam..

You find the whole menu with prices here 

Our regular offers


Spacious meeting & conference facilities equipped with projectors, overheads, TV and plenty of seats.
El-parking and charging stations We provide charging for electrical cars. (Coming soon to Rudshøgda as well)
Foreign currencies We accept payments in both Euro and Norwegian Kroner without any extra charge.
Big parking spaces Parking for both buses, cars, motor homes and trucks.
Clean restrooms and disabled facility We clean our facilities every day and keep them nice and clean all day long.
Free coffee for all our dinner guests If you are having dinner with us, we treat you to free coffee.
Good traditional meals We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also offer delicious seasonal specialities.
Wireless Internet All our restaurants and eateries offer free WiFi access.

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